BioS Project Partners

No Name of the organization Short name Country Website Education and training provider Company, industry or sector representative
P1 - Coordinator Steinbeis University Berlin SHB Germany Visit YES
P4 Skybridge Partners Greece Visit YES
P5 Bioinformatics Barcelona Association BIB Spain Visit YES YES
P6 University of Patras UPAT Greece Visit YES
P7 European Medical Association EMA Belgium Visit YES
P8 European Recreation and Health Valley EUREHVA Germany Visit YES
P9 BG Klinikum Murnau gGmbH BGU Murnau Germany Visit YES
P10 FOR Srl Italy Visit YES
P11 HiDucator Ltd HiDucator Finland Visit YES
P12 EPRALIMA_Vocational School of Alto Lima, C.I.P.R.L. EPRALIMA Portugal Visit YES
P13 German Oncology Centre GOC Cyprus Visit YES

P1- Steinbeis University Berlin (SHB), P3 - Olympic Training and Consulting LTD (OT), P6- University of Patras (UPAT), P10 - For di Paolo Tubino and C. SAS (FOR Srl), P11- HiDucator Ltd (HiDucator), and P12- EPRALIMA_Vocational School of Alto Lima, C.I.P.R.L. (EPRALIMA), are education and training providers, all experienced in the design, development and delivery of VET, LLL, CDP and Adult Education training programmes, for various occupations, professions, and target groups, with the use of innovative training methodologies and tools. All BioS education and training providers are experienced in the application of EQF/ECVET/EQAVET principles in curricula design and delivery. P1, P6, and P11, bring in the Consortium their specialised expertise in curricula development and delivery in the fields of Healthcare, Computational Biology, Biomedics, Bioinformatics and relevant fields.

P2- ENIOS APPLICATIONS IDIOTIKI KEFALAIOUCHIKI ETAIREIA (e-NIOS), P4- Skybridge Partners, P8-EUREHVA, P9- BG Klinikum Murnau gGmbH (BGU Murnau),and P13- German Oncology Centre (GOC), are sector-specific companies, active either in Bioinformatics solutions or ICT products or in Healthcare services provision, providing access to a wide pool of a) resources for the development of project outputs, b) of end-users benefiting of the outputs and c) of facilities for the implementation of the BioS training WBL component. P7- European Medical Association (EMA) is an EU-level sector representative, with an outreach in medical doctors throughout Europe, thus representing the primary end-users of the project results in an EU scale. It should be highlighted that all BioS company and sector representative partners have also experience in the provision of education and training to their staff and members.

Bearing both the capacity of the education and training provider and of the sector-specific organisation, P5- Bioinformatics Barcelona Association (BIB), constitutes an embodiment of the "knowledge triangle", and, thus, brings in the partnership invaluable experience and expertise in the provision of education and training, the promotion of advanced research, the transfer of knowledge and technology, and the competitiveness and innovation of the field of Bioinformatics.


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